1. Who can join MZANSIHELP?

Any person of legal age (18 years and older) can join the Mzansihelp Community.

All members are treated equally, irrespective of age, race, social group, work status, political background, country or religion.

3. How to add the bank account?

After registration you have to click on profile>> accounts>> add>> then fill in your banking details that will be used when you want to withdraw and click submit.

4. How to provide help?

Click on the dashboard, go to provide help, agree to the warning that you understand the risks and you participate with the sound mind and memory then click next.

Type your donation/contribution, click select next

Your amount will be displayed on the dashboard,

Which means you now be waiting for the system to provide you with the banking details of the member to send your donation to.

5. What is the minimum provide help amount?

The minimum amount that you can provide help with in Mzansihelp is 10 000NGN

6. What is the Maximum provide help amount?

The maximum amount that you can provide help with in Mzansihelp is 2millionNGN

7. What is the maximum get help amount?

The maximum amount that you can request to get help is1.5millionNGN per day this means that you can request 1.5million today and when the whole amount is paid you can request again the following day 1.5million

8. How long must I wait to make a payment?

After telling the system how much you would like to donate, you wait for 3-7 days to get your order for banking details.

Your money grows by 1.67% daily while you in the que, so do not worry about the wait as long as you will have money when it’s needed.

9. What sort of notification one get when the order comes out?

We kindly advice members to type the correct phone numbers as we still working on the sms system

Again kindly keep on checking your PO for orders as we still working on the PH notification that will inform you when you when the order for banking details is out.

10. After how long can I gh?

Once you provide help is confirmed one can start to gh

11. How do I get referral bonus?

You get 15% from all deposits of the participant you invite.

Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants.

Again at the same time, understanding that the Mzansihelp network can’t exist without development and participants’ encouragement in the form of referral bonuses motivate many people to take an active position.

12. How do I check referral bonuses?

Referral bonuses only appear in your wallet once your downliner provides the help that he or she promised to provide.

13. How do I check my growth?

Click on wallet/account then you go to growth that`s were you can see the growth of your money.

14. How to get in touch with the support team?

Click support, go to add ticket, choose the option that relate to your query on the drop down menu, write the topic and explain your query, you can also attach the file by clicking on browse that will help the support team to understanding your problem. You can also ask the online consultant to assist with all your quires.